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Stansted Remediation Project

Client: Corus Bi-Steel
Title: Rectification of installation of anti attack vehicle barrier system
Location: Front of the terminal building with high exposure to general public (over 60,000 passengers per day); UK



Emtrade was involved in painting of the barriers in the first instance. The key point here is that our customer, although happy with the quality painting, expressed serious concerns about the overall presentation of the installation that was provided by another contractor.

For instance: - gaps between barriers, ill-fitting top cover steel plates, plastic strips falling off, gates not closing, uneven vertical and horizontal alignment, and much more. We not only found a solution to correct the problem areas, but also closely managed the rectification of the re-installation to ensure shortcuts or mistakes did not happen.

The specific problem areas and their resolution:

Problem: unsightly joints (gaps between barriers, ill fitting top cover steel plates, plastic strips falling off, not levelled)
Solution: steel plates were removed and replaced by UPVC cover designed and formatted to fit the profile of the barrier

Problem: Uneven and not aligned handrail on the top of barriers; total length of 450m. The handrails did not have an adjustment to correct their level and  alignment
Solution: Low cost solution was implemented to design brackets giving barriers the vertical and horizontal adjustment

Problem: Gates did not fit
Solution: The gate hinges were improved so the gates could be adjusted to fit correctly

Problem: Curved barriers (at the end of each sub-section) have paint damage caused by baggage trolleys
Solution: Selected the sheet of plastic which was easy to manually bend on site and glue to the barrier.

Work in Progress

Emtrade ideas implemented before the rectification:

  • Specific design was suggested as a solution to improve the way barriers look
  • Together with our client, developed bespoke paint system to meet the specific requirements of high traffic environment
  • Prototype of revised barriers was assembled and tested before installation

Emtrade ideas to streamline the process:

  • Lifting barriers without using a crane and instead incorporating lifting frames. Using lifting frames largely reduced cost and increased the speed of rectification
  • Current adhesive for the plastic needed sheltering on site therefore a mobile work shelter was designed to section off the work in progress (photo above)
  • The design of flame retardant work shelter made “hot work”(e.g. welding, grinding) possible
  • Suction cups to hold plastic onto barriers while the adhesive cured
  • Relevant training and documentation have been also designed and provided to our staff to ensure high degree of competence and safety awareness

Emtrade is working closely with Corus Bi-Steel to develop bespoke solutions in the design and implementation of the anti-attack vehicle barrier system. 


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