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The Greenway, London 2012 Olympic Park: Niche solutions in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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They shall not pass! It was that simple thought that drove the building of a 100% vehicle-proof perimeter around the Olympic Park to protect the Games. It was necessary to keep out, at every conceivable point, vehicles driven by people intent on mayhem and destruction. In some places it was straightforward, in others it was more complex, and required lateral thinking and a delicate touch. Emtrade delivered in every case.

Sawing concrete with a 1.2m diameter blade
Excavating for bollards
Trial hole

Emtrade’s answer
The Greenway: Between a rock and a hard place
Failure to come up with a way to create an impenetrable vehicle barrier on The Greenway could have brought not only the Games but also the whole of London to a standstill.

This innocuous-looking Tarmac path, which remained open to the public throughout our build project, runs right through East London along the top of the city’s Northern Outfall Sewer. Intended as a footpath and cycleway running between Wick Lane in Bow to Royal Docks Road in Beckton, the path’s surface wasn’t built to support the weight of lorries, which would have crashed through it into the sewer below.

Yet it was the only route in to where vehicle barriers made of concrete and steel, each weighing 3.5 tonnes, were needed. Even the weight of one barrier and a fork-lift truck large enough to carry it was too great for the path’s weight restriction.

Impasse, but not impossible. The Emtrade solution was to invent and build a simple and lightweight wheeled cradle into which one panel could be securely fitted. With the weight of the panel then separated from the fork-lift, the truk could then be used to gently push the panel to its final location.

Eagle-eyed banksmen went with each panel, keeping passing dog walkers, cyclists and mums with prams safe from harm as we worked.

Customer verdict
Neil Winterburn, senior project manager of Security Capital Projects, a delivery partner to the Olympic Delivery Authority, offered gratitude and appreciation to Emtrade, who, he said, had taken a pivotal and proactive role in the overall installation and commissioning of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation infrastructure throughout both the Olympic Park and Athletes’ Village footprints.

He said: “Whilst working on a huge, complex and high-profile programme such as London 2012 should be seen as a corporate success, it does come with its own challenges, frustrations and irritations. This is where Emtrade, I believe, becomes a differentiator...”



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