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G20: A unique job for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Emtrade broke all production records by manufacturing 160 NBA Lite unit 50
Transportation of the NBA Units
Each unit was clearly numbered for fast identification on site. They were loaded in sequence to a predetermined load plan.

Protect the President! When the world’s most powerful politician visits a foreign country for a meeting of the G20, normal high security has to move into higher gear. Emtrade was required not only to throw a ring of steel around Winfield House in Regent’s Park, the official residence of the US Ambassador to the UK since 1955, but to refine and deploy a prototype barrier system being used in the UK for the first time.

Emtrade’s answer
Security was in the hands of the Metropolitan Police, with whom Emtrade worked closely on a consultative and construction basis throughout the project.

More than 200 bespoke security panels were made and painted on Emtrade premises. These were individually numbered and delivered to the site in a strict sequence on a fleet of lorries, which had been held at a muster point until required. This avoided congestion at the construction site so we could make the fastest-possible progress.

A potential problem was encountered with a prototype rope vehicle barrier system developed by the Transport Research Laboratory. The 40mm diameter rope had been delivered in 2km lengths coiled on a timber drum. The coiling process had built in considerable energy, and removing it on site was felt to pose a significant danger to the deployment team.

Emtrade invented and built both a transport system and a manual carousel which worked together to kept the rope tension-free. Ropes were held in groups of five 100-metre lengths, enough for a 100-metre run of the security fencing.

All the ropes were prepared off-site, and once there the carousel allowed a rope to be removed in 90 seconds by a team of five men.

The ring of steel was thrown around Winfield House in two weeks, and The President was kept safe throughout his stay.

Customer verdict
David Kidd of The American Embassy in London said: “Thank you and your personnel in the deployment of the perimeter protection system during our President’s visit for the G20 conference.

“The perimeter security protection was excellent, as was the personnel liaison throughout the event.”


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