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Bus Park (Northern Spectator Transport Mall)

More than six million paviors had been carefully laid to create a smooth surface for a coach park to bring spectators into the Olympic Park but a line of sentry bollards hadn't been included.

Bollards connected below ground, in perfect alignment
Bollards in a concreted channel with a perfect pavior edge

The bollards used throughout the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation work were of the same type and size, built in pairs and connected below ground. They had to be in perfect alignment, and precisely the same height above ground.

The bollard 'sentries' had to be fitted in a matter of days, ahead of a test event involving thousands of schoolchildren. Without the work the test event would have been a failure and that wasn't an option.

With no time left to lift and relay the paviors, our solution was to cut a channel through them, fit the bollards in a concreted channel, and relay a perfect pavior edge along the concrete.

As we lifted the paviors we set up an emergency joinery facility to cut shuttering, and fitted it alongside the path we had defined.

Bollards were fitted and connected, and the alignment checked. We didn't have it quite perfect enough, and one pair had to be moved by 7mm.

We then concreted to create a surface perfectly level with the paviors, and fitted them to the edge of the concreting, aligned so that it looked as though our solution had been intended all along.

Customer verdict
John Cutler, Project Manager with Security Capital Projects, a delivery partner to the Olympic Delivery Authority, said: "I'd like to express the thanks of the CLM Consortium for the herculean effort that Emtrade put into relocating the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation to allow the Olympic Test Events to take place as planned, and also the concreting of the bollards into Northern Spectator Transport Mall, which allowed this area to be used by up to 300 coachloads of schoolchildren.

“Can you let your staff know we are extremely impressed with the your work ethic in getting the job done.”



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