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Waterloo station installation of cycle parking

Client: South West Trains
Location: Waterloo Station
Project: Install cycle parking
Deadlines: Completed on time

The project

Working alongside station access, allowing ‘business as ususal’ for Londoners,  we were required to create a reinforced concrete pad and install kerbing before fitting storage for privately-owned cycles and access to those available within the Barclays hire bike scheme.

This project required a particularly delicate approach. Not only was the travelling pubic moving alongside the project site, but also beneath it, where the Jubilee line of the London Underground operates less than a metre below the surface. At this point we were required to install 13 metres of kerbstones. 

Extreme care was taken with the excavation of the space for the kerbstones so as to avoid compromising the Tube network by causing material to fall from the celing of its tunnels.

We created an isolated work area protected by Heras fencing and net screening to contain any flying debris, behind which we installed a 60 sq m concrete pad surrounded by bollard and chain fencing. On top of this we installed the bicycle storage facilities.

All of the noisy and most potentially distruptive work was carried out at night to minimise dirsruption and discomfort for station users and drivers requiring station access at the busiest times.

This arrangement was made as part of a detailed method statement created for all aspects of the work and covering the safety all persons involved with, or passing by the site, as well as all proper environmental concerns.

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What We Do

Emtrade operates in the rail infrastructure sector. We undertake civil engineering projects directly for TOC’s refurbishing and enhancing rail platforms.

The company provides superior quality repainting and rebranding services to all type of rail vehicles (passenger, freight, infrastructure) as well as designing and installing quality modular paintshops in situ to facilitate repainting.


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