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Salisbury station upgrade of
on-platform cycle parking

Client: South West Trains
Location: Salisbury Station
Project: Upgrade on-platform cycle parking
Deadlines: Completed on time

The project

On the face of it this was a very simple project, but successful completion required a considerable care because of a number of influencing factors – making it much more complex than it otherwise might have been.

Working immediately alongside the station entrance whilst the station was in operation, our task was to remove existing cycle storage an replace it with a secure compound with new cycle stands for passengers wishing to leave their bikes to complete their journeys by rail.

This involved demolishing an existing tourist information kiosk and building a 6-metre high fenced compound with a security-card access gate and high-level  lighting, installed to Network Rail standards.

The premises within which we were working were Grade II listed. Since they therefore form part of the UK’s architectural heritage we had to take account of that during our work and ensure its special features were protected. For example, the work required a delicacy of touch because a considerable part of it was surfaced with Terrazo tiling.

Not only was the project location alongside the ticket office, but we also had to excavate directly above a cellar complex. We had to modify the cycle stands and fit their anchor bolts to the cellar roof itself, so close was the cellar to the surface.

The station had to remain operational throughout the work, calling for robust Health and Safety controls to keep passengers and rail company employees as safe as our own staff.
To minimise disruption to passenegrs and station operation, we timed the demolition of the tourist information kiosk to take place overnight, so there was no disruption or risk to the safety of station users and employees.

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What We Do

Emtrade operates in the rail infrastructure sector. We undertake civil engineering projects directly for TOC’s refurbishing and enhancing rail platforms.

The company provides superior quality repainting and rebranding services to all type of rail vehicles (passenger, freight, infrastructure) as well as designing and installing quality modular paintshops in situ to facilitate repainting.


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