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Basingstoke station tree removal

Client: South West Trains
Location: Basingstoke Station
Project: Remove planter and tree roots; make good platform surface
Deadlines: Completed on time

The project

We were required to remove a brick-built planter and its contents, and  refinish the platform surface with Tarmac.

On the face of it this was a very simple project, but the tight confines of the work area called for a very high level of safety-conciousness and innovative access solutions.

The problem was that although the above-ground vegetation had been removed from the planter, the roots remained in situ, and were far too large, heavy and inter-twined to be removed by hand.

Furthermore, it was impossible to bring any mobile plant onto the platform, and our access to the area was exactly that of the passengers – through the station entrance ticket barriers.
We therefore had to develop a bespoke route for equipent acess and debris removal. We achieved this through the use of a telescopic handler outside the station, at much lower than platform level. We used this to reach up over a wall to the work area on the platform. Although the telescopic handler driver was ‘blind’ to activity on the platform, we put in place a banksman at upper and ground levels to ensure operation of the machine was safe at all times. This was especially important when putting discarded material into skips, because we had to cross an access route to the station car park which was still being used by the public. This is illustrated in the pictures above.

We nevertheless removed the planter and its contents, and refinished the platform surafce with Tarmac, within the planned overnight time window.

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What We Do

Emtrade operates in the rail infrastructure sector. We undertake civil engineering projects directly for TOC’s refurbishing and enhancing rail platforms.

The company provides superior quality repainting and rebranding services to all type of rail vehicles (passenger, freight, infrastructure) as well as designing and installing quality modular paintshops in situ to facilitate repainting.


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